maandag 17 januari 2011

Take care

Heeeey Frida here.

Now finally i have time to post something, this week i have had alot of things to fix.
On thursday me and Perry are going to Sweden for some days, i really dont want to talk about it, but we are going to take care of maybe the little time we have with one of the most important person to me!

There is no guarantee
That this life is easy...

So just let us make the best of it, and take care of the time you have with the people that you really love!!!!

This have made me enjoy life more.
Even if you think you can not make it sometimes,
We are born to never give up, to live the life we want, what you see is what you self let your eyes see.

When I look At You I see forgiveness
I see the truth
You love me for who I am
Like the stars Hold the moon
Right there where they belong
And I Know I'm Not Alone.

When the waves
Are flooding the shore and I can't
Find my way home anymore
That's when I, I...
I look at you

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