dinsdag 25 januari 2011

I heart it !!

hii everyone!

i found out about this site called weheartit.com. some of you may already know it but if you dont check it out. it is just a site with a lot of really pretty pictures and images. you can make your own album (your heart) and save the once you really like. it is all free. and if you download something on the site dont know what it is called you can also place pictures on the site that you really like. you can look for pictures on home or you can look for them by a tag. a tag is something that says what is on the picture. like girl, tree, pink, books. i havent downloaded the thing yet where you can place pictures on the site, i first wanted to see what it was all about but i really like it. here are some of the pictures that are in my heart ;)

kisses and hugs xxoo Iris

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