dinsdag 15 februari 2011

hardbass :D

i have a few pictures of hardbass.. it was so much fun :D:D loved it

thx everyone :D still a few pictures to come.. but i wanted to post them really bad xD

kisses and hugs Iris

Old music

Listen to music that i loved when i was like 6 years old, my favorite group was Swedish and called "Arvingarna", haha i know what a nerd i was, but i loved them, i had all the cds, and i really listend to them everyyy dayyy.

Now when i listen to them i suprise my self how good i can the lyrics, even if it was a really loong time hahah (Y)
it just give you this feeling from your childhood, a good feeling :)

HAHA dont laugh :)

Tomorrow imn going to meet my Iris, and thursday i go to Sweden again for a while.

Kissies Frida

zondag 13 februari 2011


Heey Frida here.
Im home in Holland for one week now.
Yesterday was i fun night! Hardbass was fun( Hardbass is a big big party here in Holland) and we were home around eight this morning, so today im very tired.

Iris was also there with us, we always have fun together :)

I will show you the photos when i have them!

Kissies xx

zaterdag 5 februari 2011



Iris here. im really sorry for not posting anything for a while but i have been really busy with school. but the weekend is here now so that means it is finaly time to relax. yesterday i was at Perry's house (frida's boyfriend) with his brother nick and a friend barry. barrys girlfriend was there for a while also Lisa. it was just really relax and nice. then today i had to go to school becasue the there were gonna be kids coming to school to see if this is the school they want to go to. then when i got home my mom did my hair and my cousine eline came.. who i havent seen in a while so it was fun to catch up. and tonight im going into town and clubbing with classmates so hopelfully that will be fun too :D:D think so.. tomorrow is just another homework day and tomorrow i will finaly post up the pictures of everything hahah ..

have a great night everybody :D:D

kisses and hugs xxoo