vrijdag 31 december 2010

Here comes 2011

New yeeear!!!!!

So soon its the end of 2010.
This year for me have been the moste exciting  year ever....
So many things have changed my life.. a meet Perry , a moved to Perry.. i found new friends here in Holland ( still i miss my friends in Sweden)
I would never believe  that i would live in Holland...

You never know what will happen next in your life, but i know one thing.. If you believe that it will be a good 2011 it will be a f..cking good year... trust me i belive in that! :D:D

At the Beach in New York(conney Island or how do u spell it)
Me and one of my best friends Maria!
27 Aug-7Sept!<3

Have a greeeat niiight.. Kiss Frida

donderdag 30 december 2010


Took some pictures from our appartment ( Frida and Perrys)
As i said today we got the couch.. so finally it looks a little bit more like a home :)
 Here is some pictures !

Love my appartment!!

girlfriends and shopping,, perfect day!:)

Today i (Iris) went shopping with my friend Charlotte and Frida came too. We had some drinks and talked a lot. It was a lot of fun. I also found a dress that i can wear tomorrow on new years..!!! I'm so excited for new years... It's  gonna be so much fun,, i still need to take it slow and make sure that i keep my rest because of the operation .. but i know it is gonna be a good night :D

Have fun tomorrow.. and be safe ;)

Kisses xxoo


Frida here :)

Waiting for our couch since eight a clock this morning :(
I can not go to bed and take a nap because if i fall asleep i will not hear the doorbell(Y)
And maybe the couch is comming in the afternoon, i dont know.. fun haha.
Yeye its good that we receive it now , so we have something to sit on :D
And its very nice couch to! I will take some picture so u can see how it looks :)
I Hope u all have a nice day!!!

woensdag 29 december 2010


Hey Frida here.

Sitting and talking to my cousin Matilda ( here is her blogg http://ktildiis.blogg.se)
now, and i miss her so muuuuch!!!! She is my best friend!!!!!
she send me some picture from their christmas of my little cousins Alva and Liam, they are the cutest!!!!!
EyeCandyyy :)

               My other cousin Emma was Santa :D haha she rocks as little Santa!

My family is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life!!!!!

Kasse till kassan :D

dinsdag 28 december 2010

life's good :)

hii everyone..

so i'm feeling much better now.. i had a lot of pain after the operation, but everything went great. Last week i didnt do much.. sat at home and every now and then friends came over to see how i was feeling.. this christmass i was home with my mom dad and little brother.. and i went to my neighbours.
I didnt do much.. watched glee on the internet.. im an absoluut gleek.. love the show..

i'm in love with kurt.. he is so funny.,

also i just read blogs and surfed the internet,,, nothing special.. i saw these dogs and i want them soooo much they are the cuttest dogs ever

Hope you all had a good christmass and no up to new years.. that is gonna be so much fun :) im doing new years at my neighbours and Frida is coming aswell..

kisses xxx Iris

zondag 26 december 2010


This christmas my mum was here and visit me in Holland(Frida)
First we celebrated here, me perry and my mum, and the day after we went to perry parents.
Later on the evening came Iris with her parents.:)
It was a really good christmas!!!!!!!!
Just miss my mum now when se is back in Sweden :(<3333

donderdag 23 december 2010

new tattoo !!!

hii everyone.. yesterday i (iris) got a new tattoo.. on my wrist.. it is sooo cute.. i got it from my parents for Christmasss..

and i already have one on my foot.. i got this one from my parents too.. for my 16th birthday :)

let me know what you think ?  =)

kisses Iris

maandag 20 december 2010

Miss Iris!

Heeey Frida here :D
Just wanted to say that Iris' operation went well :)
and she is home now and will just relax, and will do that a while now :)
Tomorrow i will go to her so she isn't bored hihi :)

Right now im listening to Tinie Tempah-Written in the stars.
So f...king goooood :D
Now im going to see a movie and then sleep :) Tomorrow i will also buy some things for the apartment, a lot to fix when u move :)

Hope u all have a nice week!!!

Kiss Frida xxx

woensdag 15 december 2010

sooo scared!!!


Iris here. Tomorrow i'm going to the hospital and i'm having an operation.. it is my first time in the hospital so i'm really scared. :-O I know everything is going to be fine.. but still it is scarry.. i have to rest for asleast 4 till 6 weeks.. which is pretty long.. but my friends will come visit me and Frida ofcourse.. it also means that im spending Chrismas at home and new years as well. So every body.. have a great holiday and ill post something soon on how it went

kisses xxx

zondag 12 december 2010

Lazy sunday!

Now we are sitting and looking at old music videos, reliving our childhood.  :D
Backstreetboys, Britney Spears m,m. Backstreet Boys-as long as you love me
yesterday was very funny and we were home around five, and Iris slept at my place(Frida).
So today we will just relax and just be lazy :)
Hope you all had a fun weekend! To bad tomoorow is monday again ;)
Kisses and hugs!!
Iris and Frida.

zaterdag 11 december 2010

Our first post !

Heeey everybody :D
we just wanted to try to write something so we know how this blogg works haha :D
Soon we are going out and party :) Frida, Iris, Perry , Maarten and maybe Nick , Perrys brother :)
We promise to post as much as we can, so u are updated on everything we do :)
Have a nice evening sweeties!!!!
Kisses xx