zondag 20 maart 2011


Hiii everyone.. so sorry that there havent been any posts lately but i have been soooo busy..
where to start. i had a few parties and school takes up a lot of my time  i went on a skiing trip with school which was fun, but i got ill so not much skiing for me xD

(^thats me)

i also had a hollywood theme party.. that was fun i went as Audrey Hepburn :)

dont you just love theme parties :D:D
i also had a drink with Frida before she went back to Sweden again for a month.. i miss her so much..

owwhhh and then something else.. im in love with the new album from Mcfly and every single number of The Script.. if you dont know them you really have to check them out.. ;)

well i guess thats it for now.. ill talk to you guys soon

xxoo Iris

zaterdag 5 maart 2011


The moste beautiful guy in the world (except my boyfriend Perry, that is always the hottest in my eyes)
But if we talking famous people then is no doubt!!
Its our Swedish singer Eric Saade, this boy is crazy hot, and i dont know any one else in Hollywood that looks better than him!!!

Eye Candy, yes indeed!

The most beautiful woman in the wooorld!!!!!

I was looking at  " Jennifer Lopez feat pitbul- on the floor" on youtube, and was thinking, JLO is so f...cking pretty!!!!!!!

Her body is amazing!!! i want that body to after i have had children, jesus!!!!

Here is some other women that is also very very hooooot!!!!

Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in the world??

Kissies Frida xxx

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

hardbass :D

i have a few pictures of hardbass.. it was so much fun :D:D loved it

thx everyone :D still a few pictures to come.. but i wanted to post them really bad xD

kisses and hugs Iris

Old music

Listen to music that i loved when i was like 6 years old, my favorite group was Swedish and called "Arvingarna", haha i know what a nerd i was, but i loved them, i had all the cds, and i really listend to them everyyy dayyy.

Now when i listen to them i suprise my self how good i can the lyrics, even if it was a really loong time hahah (Y)
it just give you this feeling from your childhood, a good feeling :)

HAHA dont laugh :)

Tomorrow imn going to meet my Iris, and thursday i go to Sweden again for a while.

Kissies Frida

zondag 13 februari 2011


Heey Frida here.
Im home in Holland for one week now.
Yesterday was i fun night! Hardbass was fun( Hardbass is a big big party here in Holland) and we were home around eight this morning, so today im very tired.

Iris was also there with us, we always have fun together :)

I will show you the photos when i have them!

Kissies xx

zaterdag 5 februari 2011



Iris here. im really sorry for not posting anything for a while but i have been really busy with school. but the weekend is here now so that means it is finaly time to relax. yesterday i was at Perry's house (frida's boyfriend) with his brother nick and a friend barry. barrys girlfriend was there for a while also Lisa. it was just really relax and nice. then today i had to go to school becasue the there were gonna be kids coming to school to see if this is the school they want to go to. then when i got home my mom did my hair and my cousine eline came.. who i havent seen in a while so it was fun to catch up. and tonight im going into town and clubbing with classmates so hopelfully that will be fun too :D:D think so.. tomorrow is just another homework day and tomorrow i will finaly post up the pictures of everything hahah ..

have a great night everybody :D:D

kisses and hugs xxoo