dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Cant be tamed

Why can not brain and heart feel the same?

Should we follow our brain or our heart?
What is right and what is wrong?

I think if you always should follow your heart, even if you know is not easy sometimes...
But if you really have strongs feelings for something, you should do it!!
Just take the chance and jump.

I will never regret something, beacuse of everything you experince in life, will make you stronger and stronger.

I hate when people are cold or act like they dont understand, or think you are week beacuse you cry?
What is that? I think you are stronger if you CAN show your feelings and are not afraid to talk about it.
How can a week person be able to talk about feelings and cry if they are not strong?

I have very hard to show my feelings for one person in my life( i will not say a name, but not my boyfriend)
and for that person i have really hard to say what my heart wants to say, i dont want to show my sensitive side for that person,
And i HATE it, that is what i call week!
Beacsue everything that i want is to show that i care!!

You are not strong beacuse you holding your feelings inside, then they will just grove and grove until you explode.
Or maybe you will regret saying the feelings you wanted to say?

If you are a sensitive person, then dont stop be it!
Its a good thing, its a gift, that you can feel with other people.

I dont know if the things that i write about helps you, but it helps me to write about my feelings.
Maybe you should try it to?

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