zondag 2 januari 2011


Sitting and thinking about my life(Frida)
i can not sleep, think beacuse i was sleeping so long yesterday...

Im just thinking about why we people always have to think negativ about our self?
Life is very short they say... so why should we then go and feel bad.
Our mind is controling us more then we even know, 90 procent of what you are thinking today you will think tomorrow to.
Im just tired to always bring myself down and let other people effect me on how i feel,
I know that i have maked it sooo much far then them, and that i will!
But i can also thank them, beacuse of them i am who i am today:)
And i dont want to be someone else.

Since i meet Perry he have maked me see life in a diffrent way, he want me to enjoy every day and appriceate all the things that i have.
From now i promise myself to work on myself, to always think positiv in all ways(or try) to see the beauty in life, see a meaning why things happens, even bad things.

I deserve all the good things in life just as you do!
We all deserve good things in life and we all deserve to believe and have hope and faith about life, about our future.

See the good things in people then they will also see the good in you, have fun in life!
Better to die young and happy then old and depressed.

Start with me now and just live for every day, now and here :)

        Me and Carolina when we came on 3 place (dancecompetion)

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  1. hii Iris here..

    i love this post.. it is sooo pretty Frida, Thanks for sharring this :) love you babe