dinsdag 28 december 2010

life's good :)

hii everyone..

so i'm feeling much better now.. i had a lot of pain after the operation, but everything went great. Last week i didnt do much.. sat at home and every now and then friends came over to see how i was feeling.. this christmass i was home with my mom dad and little brother.. and i went to my neighbours.
I didnt do much.. watched glee on the internet.. im an absoluut gleek.. love the show..

i'm in love with kurt.. he is so funny.,

also i just read blogs and surfed the internet,,, nothing special.. i saw these dogs and i want them soooo much they are the cuttest dogs ever

Hope you all had a good christmass and no up to new years.. that is gonna be so much fun :) im doing new years at my neighbours and Frida is coming aswell..

kisses xxx Iris

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