vrijdag 31 december 2010

Here comes 2011

New yeeear!!!!!

So soon its the end of 2010.
This year for me have been the moste exciting  year ever....
So many things have changed my life.. a meet Perry , a moved to Perry.. i found new friends here in Holland ( still i miss my friends in Sweden)
I would never believe  that i would live in Holland...

You never know what will happen next in your life, but i know one thing.. If you believe that it will be a good 2011 it will be a f..cking good year... trust me i belive in that! :D:D

At the Beach in New York(conney Island or how do u spell it)
Me and one of my best friends Maria!
27 Aug-7Sept!<3

Have a greeeat niiight.. Kiss Frida

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