zondag 20 maart 2011


Hiii everyone.. so sorry that there havent been any posts lately but i have been soooo busy..
where to start. i had a few parties and school takes up a lot of my time  i went on a skiing trip with school which was fun, but i got ill so not much skiing for me xD

(^thats me)

i also had a hollywood theme party.. that was fun i went as Audrey Hepburn :)

dont you just love theme parties :D:D
i also had a drink with Frida before she went back to Sweden again for a month.. i miss her so much..

owwhhh and then something else.. im in love with the new album from Mcfly and every single number of The Script.. if you dont know them you really have to check them out.. ;)

well i guess thats it for now.. ill talk to you guys soon

xxoo Iris

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